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About WSI Pro Marketing

WSI Pro Marketing provides internet marketing solutions that help businesses meet their sales, profitability and growth objectives.  Our goal is to become our client's business partners.  We succeed when you succeed.

Internet Marketing Company Profile - MA, RI, & VA

Who We Are

WSI Pro Marketing is a full-service Digital marketing company with small- and medium-sized business clients all over the United States. Our philosophy is simple. We help businesses become more profitable by turning their online web properties into consistent and reliable lead generation sources. Web properties include a quality business website, social media profiles (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more), e-mail marketing, and mobile marketing, just to name a few.

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Our Approach

partnerships with WSI Pro Marketing are made to lastOne of the most critical factors in developing an online marketing solution that really works is establishing a positive, working relationship that is born out of mutual respect. Thus, the business relationship we are seeking is one where there is a "partnership mentality." Our most rewarding and successful relationships are built on the foundation that success is possible through hard work, open communication, and continuous improvement.

Core values that are critical to our approach:

Integrity/honesty.  Nothing can be achieved if trust isn't established from the outset and maintained throughout the course of the relationship.  Good news or bad, you will ALWAYS get an honest answer from WSI Pro Marketing.

Excellence.  Technical competence and quality control are paramount to providing a leading edge solution.  We expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction.  If you don't absolutely LOVE our product, we will work until you do.  Most requests for service are completed within 3 business hours.  No service request is complete without an email report back to the client.  You won't be left wondering whether or not we got your request for service.

Timely Communications.  Have you ever worked with a company that takes days, even weeks to respond to email or voice mail?  We pride ourselves in open and continuous communications.  For example, within normal business hours, most email is responded to within an hour and certainly before the end of the business day.  It is rare to have to leave a voice mail but when it happens, voice mail is responded to within minutes.

Our Services

WSI Pro Marketing provides affordable, leading-edge Internet Marketing Solutions that includes:services that focus on continuous improvement

Many of our clients are small- and medium-sized businesses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia; however, we are licensed to operate throughout the United States. 

Additionally, we offer business development consultation and Internet Marketing Acquisition Tools such as Live Chat, Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Marketing Solutions, and Video.


Our Clients

Quality Web Solutions (view more of our portfolio here):

Environmental Health Services
Best Fitness
EHS Pest Control Services

Mobile Web Solutions (view more of our mobile sites here):

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Best Fitness
EHS Pest Control Services

Meet the Team

  • Joseph Coupal:  Internet Marketing Consultant, Business Strategist, SEO & PPC Analyst, Executive Marketing and Sales Professional 
  • Darren Kincaid:  Internet Marketing Specialist, Business Strategist, SEO & PPC Analyst
  • Mark D'Etcheverry:  Project Manager, Internet Marketing Analyst
  • Karen Luther: Internet Marketing Consultant, Account Manager
  • James Lewis:  Web Programmer, Database Developer, SEO Analyst
  • Mark Gamboa:  Web Designer, SEO Analyst
  • Kiev Basaca:  Senior Graphic Designer, eFusion Website Development Specialist
  • Eric Moncada:  SEO and Social Media Optimization Specialist
  • CheChe Omboy:  Social Media Marketing Specialist, QC
  • Kala Basaca:  SEO & Social Media Marketing Specialist, QC
  • Shannon Coupal:  Administration

Joe Coupal Darren Kincaid - Internet Marketing Consultant Mark D'Etcheverry - Certified Project Management Professional Karen Luther
Eric Moncada Kiev Basaca Kala Basaca CheChe Omboy
Mark Gamboa

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Fast Facts
Four principal officers (named below) combine 60 Years Global Marketing and Sales Experience with ten employees who possess a diverse set of web programming, market research, graphic arts, and social media skill sets.
Specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Architecture, New Site Design and Development, PPC, e-Commerce Solutions, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics
We provide solutions to technology, manufacturing and service companies in many different industries
Joseph Coupal (BSEE, MBA - URI) - executive level and corporate officer positions in charge of Global Marketing & Sales in the power electronics and telco industries
Darren Kincaid is a 25-year United States Air Force Veteran, with a Bachelor of Science in Management , and is Certified in Advanced Internet Marketing Principles
Mark D'Etcheverry is a 20- year United States Air Force Veteran, with a BBA,  MBA, MS, and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
Karen Luther has 15 years experience in business management, business development, outside sales and consulting, and has a B.S from the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University