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WSI Video Productions, which has crews internationally in over 100 cities, specializes in creating professional short content for promoting companies to grow their business. Our award winning crews will develop your films from inception to completion. We prepare the script, shoot, and edit your productions for top quality video branding. We then create web files and distribute them for you on popular video sites on the World Wide Web- and can also provide streaming video players for your site.

WSI Video Productions

Top 12 Reasons you need VIDEO on your site:

  • Drives site traffic
  • Increases the time spent on your site
  • Enhances the user experience
  • Boosts conversion and ROI
  • Provides a 24/7 salesperson
  • Sets you apart from the competition
  • Encourages viral marketing
  • Increases online awareness of your company
  • Harnesses the power of online exposure
  • Makes your company look forward thinking
  • Helps you capitalize on the emergence of new media
  • Attracts New Business

Having videos on your sites will prove to be an invaluable marketing tool. Not only will videos make the site more innovative and engaging, but Wharton School Research shows people are three times more likely to respond to your site with videos. Reading about the products is great- but people only remember 10% of what they read, however they recall more than 50% of what they see and hear. Videos will help enhance the sites search engine optimization too, helping people to find your company.

And, the videos have multiple usages. Besides being placed our your website, you can use them in email links to companies, as DVDs in your sales packets, at conferences, and on other popular online videos sites including You Tube, Vimeo and others. We can provide you with both web files for online and DVDs for off line presentations. Best of all, we include the online distribution to the above mentioned networks in our proposed rates.

The player we provide is optimizable – using key words, titles and tags and streams your video onine. This will further enhance your SEO and online presence. Plus we distribute the videos on a multitude of online video networks for a comprehensive video solution. This is what sets Corp Shorts apart from other video production companies. And the players are customizable too- so when you put them on other sites and social media- they come back to your site!

Various Style Video Samples- from A-Z

1) Yellow page travel for simple edit only video: (Bronze)


2) Dr Rubio-Standard website videos with cutaways (Silver, Gold , Platinum)


Overview Web


Testimonial Web

3) SA recycling overview for more high end video: (Custom video)


4) And Telintel for green screen/actor sample video:

MyTunu Cell Final