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Lessons Learned From Our 2011 Digital Marketing Excellence and Innovation Conference

By: Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are glad to be back and to share with you the insights we gathered at our annual  “Excellence & Innovation” conference in Las Vegas.  Every year, all four Principals of WSI Pro Marketing travel to collaborate with our fellow digital marketing professionals from around the world. At E&I we share digital marketing  best practices, mobile website design strategies, lessons learned, and discuss a wide array of digital marketing technologies, techniques, and trends.  This year we had the privilege to meet with over 400 of our peers, a group that represents the world’s most innovative and successful digital marketers.  

 We are pleased to pass along to you the critical “take aways” from the conference.  The next several blog posts will focus on sharing effective ideas and strategies that you can employ to expand your business market share.  We feel strongly that client education is a critically important prerequisite for online marketing success.  

 Without a doubt, the buzz this year centered upon “mobile marketing” and how the “smart phone” is revolutionizing online consumer behavior.  Over the recent past, WSI Pro Marketing has enjoyed the recognition for being the benchmark for delivery of successful mobile marketing solutions across the entire global network.  Our very own Darren Kincaid served as the featured panel member addressing the focused topic of  “Mobile Marketing Trends and Solutions”.   Also, the WSI Pro Marketing mobile website portfolio page was touted as the standard for form and functionality and universally advertised as something digital marketing professionals across the globe should emulate.

 We recently uploaded a very interesting and insightful mobile marketing whitepaper to our white paper/education page.   You’ll find several other interesting works out there that span the subjects of Social Media Marketing, Brand Reputation Management, the power of Email Marketing, and a number of other subjects.

 Check back on our blog in the coming days as we continue to share the keen insights captured at this year’s “Excellence & Innovation” conference.  

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