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WSI Pro Marketing Announces the Launch of West Sport's New Website

By: Joseph Coupal - Friday, January 28, 2011
West Sport - Grill and Fireplace shopIn November, WSI PRO Marketing launched a new website for the Grill and Fireplace shop at West Sport in Sudbury, MA. Their new online solution is developed on WSI e-fusion platform. West Sport sells fireplace inserts, wood burning stoves, pellet stoves and grills throughout the Massachusetts MetroWest region.

Owner, Larry Shewan, has been selling grill and hearth products in Sudbury since 1975. He prides himself as a one-stop-shop, installing and servicing everything that they sell. You can browse any number of stoves, inserts, accessories and grills in their newly remodeled showroom. They pride themselves on their product knowledge, product lines and their high level of customer service. Stop by and see why Larry and West Sport have been in business for over 35 years.


A Peek Into Our Website Development Process and Timeline

By: Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Many of our clients have asked us to provide bullets on what to expect when a project commences.  There will be a flurry of activity in the early parts of the project – too many to mention here – but the major items include the following:
  • Obtain FTP access to the old site
  • Scrape content from the old site for use on the new one
  • Create a Google account and install analytics on the old site to establish a baseline evaluation of current activity
  • Create client spreadsheet in Google to capture/share internet marketing activities
    • Provides you 24/7 real-time status updates—and this IN ADDITION to 24/7 Email/Phone contact readiness
  • Perform keyword research to begin SEO work
  • SIMULTANEOUSLY we will be going through the following phases of the site build:
    • Phase 1:  Concept Draft.  We create the look of your new site; we will work with you to get the exact look/style/color you want
    • Phase 2:  Function Design.  Skin the concept draft onto our powerful WSI eFusion website platform.
    • Phase 3:  Site build-out.  Using the best of your current content and any new content you desire, we will build out the pages on your site.
    • Phase 4:  Internet Marketing.  Simultaneous with site build-out, we work CLOSELY with you and your staff to perfect a SEO strategy based on YOUR business goals and objectives.
    • Phase 5:  Launch.  Once all work has been done, we will launch the new site and EXECUTE a multitude of proven SEO techniques customized for and driven by your Internet Marketing Strategy
    • Phase 6:  Measure and manage.  this is where you truly benefit by teaming with a professional marketing staff.  We continually analyze, measure, and strategize in partnership with you.  We modify both the site and the marketing strategy to maximize your web-generated leads.
This is just a high-level overview of the process.  We will be in steady and reliable contact with our clients as we guide them through every phase and throughout the life of our internet marketing partnership.


New Walk-In Tubs Site Launch Achieves 9.5 percent Conversion Rate in Just 9 Days

By: Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, April 07, 2010

WSI Pro Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of its newest site,  The website is proudly owned by DCE bathing Systems, Inc. out of Roanoke, Texas.  The client, who is the general manager of Tote® Systems International, another website we manage, came to us late last year with the former site, which was on a dated .asp platform.  His goal was simple:  make as successful as 

We immediately got to work on the old site, optimizing each page for both on- and off-page factors.  Traffic rapidly grew and more than doubled in 3 months, but it was soon clear that the in spite of the increased traffic, conversions were suffering.  We then decided to move them over to our eFusion Web development platform.  eFusion provides us the ability to apply a highly customized web design to world class web software -- a marriage made in Heaven.

In addition to vastly improving the conversion architecure, we included phone call tracking and lead capture technologies which made it much easier to determine the effectiveness of the new internet marketing platform.  We also ramped up their social media presence by adding a Walk-In Tub blog and turbo charging its effectiveness with our Rapid Inclusion blog syndication process.

The results are impressive.  In just 9 days, the site has already generated 19 contact form inquires and 12 telephone leads.  That's a 9.5% conversion rate for every unique visitor.

WSI Pro Marketing is justifiably proud of this accomplishment, and we are determined to help DCE Bathing Systems, Inc. compete and win in a tough market with its much larger competitors.

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