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Social Media Optimization: “What Can Blog Do For You”?

- Friday, February 18, 2011

The catchy UPS advertising tag line “What can Brown Do for You” is strategically designed to educate their target market on the multiple benefits of UPS service offerings.  The intent of this blog post is to educate you about the subject of business blogs, how they drive revenue growth, and the specific execution strategy employed by WSI Pro Marketing.  This is just one element of our overall organic search marketing strategy.

Summarizing WSI Pro Marketing’s blog strategy: The primary focus of our blog marketing strategy is to improve our client’s web search results, steadily increase their website visitations, and ultimately to convert ever-increasing numbers of web “surfers” into new clients. Unlike personal blogs, which focus on promoting conversation, WSI Pro Marketing blogs are only tangentially concerned with generating conversation.  Our blogs concentrate almost exclusively on promoting business brand recognition, value proposition, back links, and increased search engine results.    
What is a WSI Pro Marketing Blog:  An internal page on your company’s website and linked from the main menu. The blog page itself displays and links to the accumulation of individual blog posts.
What are WSI Pro Marketing Blog Posts:  "Conversations" rich in your industry's search phrases with embedded click-able links to the company’s products/services/web pages. We use the term “conversation” because we author blog posts using the first person voice of the business owner.   We create a new web page (new URL) for every individual blog post. As it pertains to earning prominent search engine (Google/Yahoo/Bing, etc) results, the importance of new web page and web content is undeniable.  Google/Yahoo/Bing indexes each individual blog post with corresponding positive effect for your business.  
Blog Syndication: "Pushing" each of your blog posts (again, in fact new web pages) to web directories, social websites (Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, etc).   This is the heart/soul of our strategy.  It is the process that builds links to your website across the internet and ultimately drives your Google/Yahoo/Bing scores increasingly higher
The WSI Pro Marketing Blog Process:

  • On an agreed to recurring basis, we upload blog posts to your website.  These can be WSI Pro Marketing-generated, client-generated, or joint venture works.  For client-generated works, we edit those works to guarantee that the blog post incorporate high-volume search phrases as well as strategic links to the relevant product and service pages.
  • Once a new blog post is loaded, that same day we will push out or "syndicate" the blog post as previously described.

The End Result: This strategy and implementation process drives (without exception) positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients.  Each month we empower our clients to calculate the ROI on our services by demonstrating objective analytical results.  The objective results include (but are not limited to) the exact number of website generated calls into the business, the exact number of web “contact us” form leads, Google’s own site visitation statistics, and more.    

If you internet marketing  support team is not demonstrating and defending a positive return on your marketing investment, then you’d be smart to either establish that or change service providers.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what WSI Pro Marketing can do for you.

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