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Simple Method to Send Bulk File Transfers Via Email

- Thursday, May 10, 2012

One of the many digital marketing services we provide our clients on a daily basis centers upon how to lower their business operating costs and how to become more efficient in their business marketing operations. One of the most common questions we get when building and managing our client's digital marketing system involves how to send bulk data files (most often high-resolution images). Quality optimized imagery is very important to your website's conversion architecture strategy and ultimately your ability to capture increased online market share. This short video answers the question.

Most first look to burn the files to disc or thumb drive (material cost), drive to the post office (fuel cost), and mail the media (postage cost).  This process can be as much as an hour in the making (time cost).  Take just a few minutes to view this quick WSI Pro Marketing Instructional Video. With the time saved, visit our portfolio page for examples of how we employ high quality optimized imagery and conversion architecture to grow client business. 

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