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Phone Call Tracking by Keyword in Google Analytics for Organic Traffic

- Friday, April 16, 2010

A colleague asked recently: 

"We need a solution to track which keywords (Organic or PPC) are generating phone calls. This service also needs to record phone calls and it needs to integrate into Google Analytics conversion tracking. What solutions have people used to track which keywords (Organic or PPC) generate the most phone calls?."

It seems like a tough question but it's not, really.

WSI Pro Marketing has about 40 client using telephone lead tracking to monitor organic phone leads, that is, telephone leads generated from the company website. It's an amazing service and honestly, it's something our clients truly understand amongst all the other reports and data they receive. You need to have at least a WSI Voice Marketer Gold account in order to connect to Google Analytics.  Tracking phone calls and standard phone call routing options are enough for most clients so we normally don't use the Gold plan; thus, most of our accounts are Silver.

One thing to be cautious of is that you will need a Google Analytics expert to set up filtering as the calls tracked  register as a visit and a bounce; thus, skewing visitor data if combined together. This is a good idea anyways becasue it allows segmentation of data points.  

For more information you can contact WSI Pro Marketing and a digital marketing consultant will be happy to explain the service and technology.

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