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Happy New Year from WSI Pro Marketing

By: Joseph Coupal - Thursday, December 31, 2009

MA, RI, VA - Search Engine Marketing - The holiday season is always a time to reflect about what we are thankful for.  At WSI Pro Marketing we are thankful for the many wonderful partnerships we have established with our clients.  We are also thankful for having the opportunity to deliver internet marketing solutions (search engine marketing, SEO, web solution development, social marketing and networking, SMO, PPC email marketing, etc.) that have helped our clients better meet their business objectives.

We love what we do and look forward to learning more in 2010 and beyond when it comes to developing and implementing internet marketing solutions that deliver business objective results.  We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2010.


Is Hiring A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Expert Necessary?

By: Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 07, 2009

Every item or part of a comprehensive search engine marketing solution can be learned by anyone willing to spend the time to do so. The problem is, doing so is incredibly time-consuming. The algorithms that govern the search engine's organic rankings change constantly (hundreds of times per year). The major PPC platforms go through what seems like an endless string of revolutions. Social media sites are still in their infancy and as they become more mature, so will the tactics required to leverage them. Developing proficiency in each area of search engine marketing takes an enormous amount of time and dedication.

An SEM expert will design a search engine optimization campaign that pushes your website to the top rankings for your chosen keywords. They can also launch a pay-per-click, PPC, advertising campaign that further improves your exposure. Social media marketing tactics can be integrated to complement the rest of your search engine marketing solution. Even though you could launch these strategies yourself, do you have the time to learn and apply them?


Win $50 towards The Roasted Pig

By: Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We're deviating momentarily from our regular internet marketing blogging to make sure everyone in the New Bedford Mass area knows about the Ashley Ford's $50 gift certificate giveaway.  The gift certificate is good for use at The Roasted Pig where you're sure to get a delicious meal.  Check out the menu below.  Awesome grub.  

Ashley Ford is really bending over backwards to be an active member of the community so we hope you'll support this fun and delicious promotion.  Enter to win here!

(Note: items and prices subject to change)


Oysters Rockefeller $8.95

Shrimp Almalfi $8.95
Bay scallops served in the shell with crabmeat stuffing and bacon

Scallops Casino $8.95
Jumbo Gulf shrimp stuffed with fresh mozzarella, wrapped in bacon and baked with lemon, butter and white wine

Chourico/Morcela sausage $8.50

(Entrees may vary; several delicious daily specials)

King Wild Salmon $17.95
Pan seared, finished with lemon, white wine and capers

Stuffed Filet of Sole $16.95
Stuffed with Maryland Crabmeat, finished with a lobster saffron cream sauce

Veal Marsala $15.95
Veal medallions sauteed with mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce

Steak Siciliana $17.95
Top choice beef served with carmelized Vidalia onion puree, gorganzola cheese and port wine sauce

Roasted Duck $17.95
Served over apple raisin risotto and finished with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce

Roasted Suckling Pig $14.95

Mouth Watering Barbeque Pork Spare Ribs $12.50

Lobster Ravioli $16.95

Barbeque Chicken $9.50

Lamb and goat specialties often available


Various Soups and Salads

Specializing in Portuguese Kale Soup and Caldo Verde



Hacking for Links is Bad, Bad Ju-Ju

By: Darren Kincaid - Saturday, August 15, 2009

Occasionally, we run across new clients with malicious script embedded within the code of their website.  For example, one of these clients is a pet store in Somerset NJ, whose site was developed several years ago by another comapny.  Our first step in working on a site that wasn't designed and developed by WSI is to analyze the site code for problems, issues, and current SEO.  In doing so, we found that someone had hacked into the site and embedded over 200 links  and cloaked keywords into the code. 

We immediately went to work and cleaned up the code before we applied our Organic Search Engine Marketing techniques.  We patched the holes in the code and now monitor it frequently to ensure hackers don't get into again.

We don't know why hackers and so-called black hat internet marketers continue to use this technique but Google won't stand for it.  If you get caught doing it, you're going to be in big trouble with the King of the Internet.  Here's what Google's Matt Cutts has to say about it.

Warning:  Don't hack websites for links!

Darren Kincaid
SEM Strategist
WSI Pro Marketing

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