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Blogs and Syndication: Why They Are Important

- Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing a blog about your website is a key factor in generating the greatest amount of traffic to your site possible. With so many social media outlooks, it is very easy to have your blog posted and have thousands of people see it. Word of mouth travels fast and the same could not be truer on the internet. Syndication will become your greatest ally in promoting your website. Here are the steps that we here at WSI take to help your site generate as much traffic as possible:

  • First the blog is actually written about the website, such as what the products offer, or about the company itself.
  • We then add back links to the interior pages in the site are hyperlinked to key words or phrases, which in turn provide value to other pages of the site.
  • The blog is posted through the most popular social media outlooks around such as:
   Stumble Upon

  • This is what is called syndication and in doing this it ensures the page gets the greatest amount of penetration in the internet.
  • Through content syndication you will increase brand awareness, improve rankings in the SEO, and generate more traffic your site
  • The result of this is that your increased traffic will be more qualified and more targeted, which will eventually convert into sales and high-quality inbound links that lead to other pages on your website.

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