"I have been in business 16 years and it seems that every day I am let down by yet another one of my vendors. Service is worse than ever and I am consistently dealing with broken promises, mistakes and missed deadlines. That said working with Karen Luther and WSI Pro Marketing has been the absolute opposite, living up to and actually surpassing all my expectations! Everything they do is timely, professional and extremely effective. I don't know much about the inner workings of internet marketing but I do know that since hiring WSI, they have redesigned and optimized my websites, syndicated my blogs and never stopped coming up with innovative ideas and promotions to bring prospects through my door. They have more than doubled my leads in all departments and because of our improved SEO rankings almost everyone who comes in tells us they found us through a Google search. It's also a pleasure to have Karen as my account manager. She is completely dedicated to delivering results and truly cares about me and my business! If you need to bring customers through your door hiring WSI Pro Marketing will be one of your best investments!" Forever Fit Fitness Center - Jim M.
WSI Pro Marketing has shown us what is possible online. The results are amazing. EHS - John S.
"We love working with Joe and his team. They truly are our marketing partners." The Fireplace Showcase - Randy T.
"I didn't think Internet Marketing would really work but the results have been amazing." Answer is Fitness - Dave D.
"WSI and Joe have gone beyond the call of duty. They have a customer for life." Atlantic Poly - John M.
"We just love working with WSI PM." The Exhibit Source - Sharon D.
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Facebook Welcome Pages for Business

One of the problems with many Facebook Business pages is the landing page. Most pages use the Wall as the first page visitors see. But first time visitors may feel out of place by barging directly into a conversation without even know anything about the business. Enter, the Facebook Welcome Page. 


  • A Custom Facebook Page provides a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for your users and gives your fans a reason to stay, interact and do business with you.
  • A Custom Facebook Page can be a LANDING TAB that every Non-Fan will be directed to. This type of Custom Facebook Page is built for Fan Engagement and Conversion.
  • A Custom Facebook Page can also be a CUSTOM TAB added to your Facebook page consisting of keyword-rich content that provides valuable information to your visitors.

Now that you know what a Custom Facebook Page is and what it will do for you...

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