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Keyword rich domain names

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30-Aug-2009 08:31 AM


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Excellent question.  There is still some - maybe just a little, now - SEO advantage for having a keyword rich domain name.  With that said, don't let it be a show stopper.

You might suggest that both domains are purchased. When you set up the hosting account, point both domains to the new host and set up a domain alias for the branded URL (

Set up the SEO friendly domain ( as the main website.  Then, simply point the to with permanent 301 redirect. 

That should do it!/td>


30-Aug-2009 08:25 AM

Not Available

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I am working with a hairdresser.  He needs a domain name, so I was checking availability and found both and both available.

Question is, should I recommend something along the line of his trading name "" or go for the SEO advantage with the keywords in the URL?